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Welcome to dog-trainer.
One to one private dog training,
Puppy training
(get your new pup, off to a great start in life) 
or groups classes (Please CLICK HERE for future training dates).

Would you like your dog to walk on a loose lead, to come when called, to stop jumping up, or to stop the excessive barking.
Then call 07818668585 and Sarah will show you how.

Happy dogs means happy owners.

Sarah only uses positive training with rewards and lots of fuss.
Dogs who enjoy training, learn quicker.


Sarah works on recalls, distractions, loose lead walking and general manners. She can train you and your dog through the Kennel Club Good Citizens Awards Bronze Award, (assessment, Silver and Gold awards will be carried out at Colin's Basic Obedience).

Sarah cares about your dog’s training and about your dog continuing to do well. 

Sessions are suited to the exact needs and requirements of you and your dog. 

Private tuition can be of great benefit for individuals who have recently purchased a puppy or for those who have re-homed a dog.

Does your dog have behavioural problems?
Don't leave it any longer call Sarah on 07818668585 or email dog-trainer@email.com to arrange a meeting.

Just some of the behaviours Sarah can work on:
  • New puppy training or adult dog re-training
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Barking or lunging at dogs
  • Jumping up
  • Not coming when called
  • Chasing cyclists, joggers, cars, horses etc.
  • Mouthing & biting
  • Toilet training
  • Stealing food
  • Not waiting at doorways
  • Possession aggression around food / toys
  • Excessive barking
  • Separation anxiety
  • Aggression towards dogs or people and more...
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Dog Training Classes

For all the family, young and old. Puppies to senior dogs.

Hampstead Norreys Village Hall

Check Future Training Dates, under Store Links

At 10.30am Just £5 (per dog) for 1 hour.

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